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LifeControl offers a voice-to-voice water-resistant wall mount unit.
This wireless, water-resistant device is designed to mount on a wall. Mount one next to the bedside or next to the shower in the bathroom. This allows you full voice-to-voice communication when an emergency occurs. It's particularly handy if you forget to carry your pendant with you to the bathroom in the middle of the night. It operates on standby for well over a year on four AAA alkaline batteries – and provides over five hours of talk time.

Powerful. Practical. Reliable.

LifeControl The Smallest Voice-To-Voice Pendant
For Medical Emergency Alert And Response.

LifeControl Pendant

Powerful. From your shower, your driveway, or even your garden, the LifeControl pendant puts you in direct, voice-to-voice contact with one of our 24-hour emergency response professionals, a friend or family member you trust, or both. Other medical alert devices force you to scream for help from another room, and pray someone can hear you.

Practical. No bigger than a business card, the LifeControl pendant is the smallest voice-to-voice emergency alert device available.

Reliable. To ensure you get the help you need, fast, we provide certified, 24-hour monitoring with all our units. And, unlike the other guys, we handle all the installation and programming.

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